Jan 16

Electric Car Distance Limitation Facts

Electric cars have become very popular recently due to new information on how to convert to a electric vehicle. Most people seem to believe that electric vehicles are not practical because they can not travel far enough, but this is simply not true.

Granted you are not going to take a cross country trip in one, unless you also happen to own the worlds largest extension cord. Until battery technology improves, that is even beyond the range of a brand new $100,000+ tesla roadster. So that proves your point right? Lets take a
closer look.

How much do you really travel every day? Government studies show that 80% of Americans drive less than 50 miles a day, 50% drive less than 25 miles a day, with a range of 100 miles or more an electric vehicle will easily get you through the day.

Add up the miles you drive, 10-30 mile round trip to work, businesses you frequent are usually within 5 miles of your home, so you can see when you build your own electric vehicle it is really practical for everyday use.

Here are some more advantages of electric cars:



Environmentally friendly

Cheap to operate and maintain

Reasonably fast

This last fact may come as a surprise to many people, but there are electric cars available right now that will do 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, while a conversion car is not targeted to that kind of speed, the acceleration you get is more than adequate, and it will do highway speeds which makes it good enough for most peoples needs.

Another thing to consider is that you can build your own electric vehicle for under $500, which makes it within the reach of just about everyone. A

Jan 15

Practical Seatbelt Maintenance and Care Tips

Just like all features of your car, the seatbelts require proper care. They are not difficult to keep in good condition. At the same time, with proper maintenance you will achieve a high level of safety for you and your family. Get some helpful advice on how to care for the safety belts of your vehicle.

Webbing Cleaning

It is a fact that the seatbelt webbing is most prone to wear and tear and to stains and dirt accumulations. You cannot do much about the natural wear and tear, but you can remove the dirt and stains. For the purpose, you should use warm soapy water and a sponge. You should choose a mild soap used for hand washing. You must avoid strong detergents and bleaches as they may weaken the webbing and cause rust and corrosion to the latch and buckle.

You should clean the webbing regularly, preferably every time you wash your car. If it gets dirty very quickly, you should wash it more often. You should not let stains and dirt linger on as they may cause more serious trouble as time passes.

Buckle, Latch and Loop Care

If you drink and eat in the car chances are high that crumbs, soda and coffee can get inside the seatbelt buckle. If this happens, you should clean the dirt immediately. Crumbs can be removed with a thin pointed object like a toothpick. You can use a metal equivalent such as a flat-blade screwdriver but you have to be careful not to cause any damage. In any case, you should remove the crumbs gently.

If the buckle is sticky because of a spilled drink, you should use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or pour a little bit of alcohol inside. Alcohol is safe for metal while cleaning it perfectly. Besides, it dries quickly so

Jan 10

Buy Best Car Audio System Online

In todays scenario, the car is more a need than luxury. Before two decades a car is regarded as the sign of wealth and monitory gains. However, nowadays too for most of the people, car is the second big investment of life. No one wants to throw their money waste therefore, while buying a car and its each and every accessory; they are very curious about price and quality of the product. How much money it takes doesnt matter the only thing matters is its worthiness. The same thing is with car audio systems, every car owner wants the best audio system in his car.

Although many cars have audio systems inbuilt, always they are not high-quality. Many times they are just to provide an additional tool not to produce good quality. Therefore, many car owners after buying a car prefer to replace the audio system. They go for a quality as well as affordable music system which is able to satisfy them. There are so many electronics companies who have launched their best car audio and stereo systems to give an exceptional satisfaction to their customers and many of them are selling their products online.

They have well established websites with the beautiful pictures and product features. If you do not have more idea about that product, it will explain you briefly all about it. A car audio systems enables you not to get bore, rather enjoy the journey listening your favorite songs. Therefore, it is must have product of your car. On those online stores, you will get variety of products and brands that will be a perfect suit to your car and bill too.

When it comes to buy the best, audio system for car, it can be a more complex task than buying

Jan 09

Remote Car Door Openers

Most of us take them for granted since they have been around for awhile. But how many of us have used the remote opener to deter a criminal from trying to get access to your car. Here are some uses of applying the well known theft deterrent, noise, by using your remote control.
If you are coming out of a grocery store and happen to notice some unusual activity around your car, you can signal to the probably thieves that the owner of the car is around or that it has an automatic scanner and panic button initiator upon attempted forced entry. All you have to do is at a safe distance, hit the remote opener a few times, each hit will make the normal beeping sound. Believe me that is all it takes to send thieves scurrying especially if it is daylight. Most crooks are on edge while contemplating a crime. Their anxiety is only increased by the simple innocuous little beep of a remote car door opener.
Another way of letting parking lot thieves that someone is looking out for your car even if you are in an office for some time is to hit the remote, at least six times. It might sound amusing, but, there is nothing funny about finding that your car door won’t close because someone pried it open and broke the lock.
Never buy a car that does not have a remote car door opener. They are really the safest way of getting into your car quickly without having to fight with the key in the lock. No one driving today should be without a remote car opener.
Of course the main reason for a remote car door opener is to help us with our remembering to lock our

Jan 09

Top Of The Line SL 65 AMG Delivers Power, Performance And Luxury

Endowed with the visual and engineering enhancements of its makeover at the AMG Performance Studio, the SL 65 AMG is a luxurious, top-of-the-line two seat convertible that more than holds its own against no less top of the line rivals the Audi R8 Spyder, Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type.

Having returned after a year hiatus with a mild facelift, the two seat 2014 Audi R8 maintains its status as a midengine exotic sports car that can be driven every day of the week, while the all-new two seat fabric-top 2014 Jaguar F-Type is the first roadster from Jaguar in 40 years. The Porsche 911, rather than being completely reworked every generation, evolves and the four seat 2014 Porsche 911 lineup sticks to this tradition.

Distinguishing the SL 65 from the Mercedes SL 63 is the strategic use of high-sheen chrome highlights – on the AMG radiator grille with twin louvre and lower cross strut, the surrounds of the special AMG daytime running lamps and the fins on the bonnet and side wings – and a suite of characteristic AMG styling cues that includes the front apron with large openings for the engine oil, water, charge air and transmission oil coolers, specially shaped side sill panels, AMG spoiler lip and diffuser-look rear apron with vehicle-colour insert.

Then there’s the AMG 5-spoke light-alloy wheels in high-sheen titanium grey finish or, if preferred, matt black with a high-sheen rim flange, the “V12 BITURBO” legend adorning the front wings, and the AMG sports exhaust system featuring two chromed twin tailpipes in V12 design which serve to accentuate the distinctive roar of the SL 65 AMG’s powerhouse.

And what a powerhouse it is. Pop open the bonnet and there crouches, at the waiting, an AMG 6-liter V12 biturbo engine that’s been significantly revised for the SL 65 AMG. New

Jan 07

Car Parking Is A Big Problem In India

On most of the road sides there is no pavement have been constructed, the reason may be whatever but due to this we all are facing car parking problems. In these road sides where there is no footpath the contractors and builders are dumping their unused building materials such as concrete, sand, and they park their road constructing vehicles in improper way.

On several places, where contractors are not filling their raw materials, local people are using that space for their varied purposes such as installing small shops and using the space as their extra territory. So due to all these improper management of roads its become very difficult to park the car on the road side. Traffic is growing with a quite rapid pace in India, so in near future road sides would be the only option left for us to park cars safely in India.

However, to park car on road side is our legal right as we all pays the road tax but still its our country so we must do something good to protect its honor and pride.

Commonwealth is around the corner and India has a good reputation in the commonwealth countries. So we are not only degrading our reputation due to our car parking problems. Besides the pavement problems, we are facing another major problem that is the pits and holes on the roadways. Every year thousands of people are buying new cars and due to the worst condition of Indian roads, expenditure on car maintenance has increased.

This is one reason why the sale of second hand car has been increased in the few states. Used cars in Chennai and used cars in Bangalore are on high demand nowadays, because people prefer to drive second hand cars instead of new cars

Jan 06

Why Do Car Insurance Quotes In The Uae Vary

Most people seeking car insurance in the UAE often wonder why the quotes vary so much. Since car insurance is amongst the most commonly acquired, it is no surprise that several companies offer various different levels of cover and price options in Dubai.

Listed below are key reasons for the difference:

1.The type of vehicle is one of the key factors in determining the premium for your car insurance. For example, a standard car will have a relatively lower quote, as compared to a luxury car. And something exorbitant like a sports car will invariably attract a higher premium because of the high repair costs and the high performance nature of these models.

2.While insuring a luxury vehicle, it is best to choose an insurance company which offers a high level of protection, good customer service and prompt claim settlement. Infact, certain insurance companies specialise in luxury and high value vehicles, so ensure you explore your options.

3.An insurance cover that includes repairs at authorised dealers” workshop may be priced slightly higher than an insurance cover which has a non-dealer repair option.

4.Drivers below 25 years are often charged a higher premium. This is due to the fact that the insurance companies experience a high loss ratio for this segment. Driving experience and the claim history are an important factor in premium determination.

5.Most insurance companies offer a comprehensive and a third party cover. A few multinational insurance companies also offer an executive product which has premium covers and is priced slightly higher than a regular comprehensive cover.

6.Each year the car value depreciates anywhere between 10% to 20%. The premium is calculated on the value of the vehicle and therefore the premium would reduce proportionately. On the other hand, repair costs remain fairly static or may even increase due

Jan 03

Achievements In Ford Car Sales

The auto business handled assorted hardships this preceding year with considerable outstanding car businesses in the USA acquiring economic funds to preserve business. Ford nonetheless, not only triumphed in executing its business free of any outside negotiation, it in fact obtained a great gain in car sales. Lauded for a magnificent assortment of cars, which promote agreeable gas reduction, Ford intends to preserve its goal of unveiling prime caliber, gas efficient cars to nurture this progression.

Different clever proposals have been adapted by Ford to confirm that its car sales can cope proficiently. The main feature is the importance of buyer desires, amenities and boosting consumer affinity. Ford wants to organize this by offering pivotal preferences in its cars that could really magnify the car owners appreciation and so, improve purchaser dependence with regard to Ford cars. Technologically vanguard preferences will make it more difficult for individuals to switch to diverse cars but will in addition attract different buyers for its car sales.

Gas saving and accuracy have continuously been linked with Ford cars and fresh vehicles appear to be becoming imperceptibly more desirable. Ford adeptly attained a portion of the Hybrid industry, a market essentially prevailed over by Prius, a hybrid automobile fabricated by the planets well-established car company Toyota. In spite of being a comparatively modern technology, Ford hybrid car sales improved by just about thirty percent from the prior year.

An essential perspective of the policy relates to the forward-looking entertainment and transmission amenities in the brand new Ford cars. The acclaimed car company comprehends the compulsion to execute different manual activities in the car connected to mobile phones and entertainment and is targeting to come out with stress-free speech identification attributes that will enable you to broadcast directions without removing your hands off the wheel. In

Jan 02

Agitating Parking Problems Faced in All the Major Cities

Providing adequate parking space to their residents is a challenge experienced by most of the major cities. Though people lead a sophisticated life in major cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington, they do suffer from the dreaded parking problems. These individuals can never escape from the laborious and time-consuming task of looking for a convenient spot to park the vehicle.

Be it in garages or on the open street, people have always had to fight for a spot to park the vehicle. To add to the agony people have to pay in order to park the vehicle on the street during weekdays. Finding a place to park your vehicle is not only frustrating but also the cause for unwanted stress. People usually narrate a list of problems faced when they try parking their vehicle. A few of which are space restriction, distance, heavy prizing, not knowing where to park, unable to park and so making use of a spot that is illegal, vehicle being towed because individual mistook a spot for legal area, rude staff and also difficulty in getting a permit.

It is the sole responsibility of any city to ensure that its population is provided with convenient parking that is also affordable. It is usually this act of people searching for the right spot to park their vehicle that creates much of the city traffic. This indicates that providing space for parking will erase a lot of problems faced. There are many ways of providing more space for parking. A few of them are discussed below.

Improving facilities

Parking space or supply can easily be improved by means of the government of private concerns initiating the creation of more facilities. It is true that the mentioned facilities are not easy or cheap to build and maintain. However the rates to

Jan 02

Car Air Fresheners – Keeping The Car Interior Smelling Fresh

No matter how you look at it, it is enjoyable to sit inside the car that smells good. But no one would want to stay long inside the car if it smells wrong. Most of the time, the profession or what a person does affect the smell inside the car. So if the person breeds dogs for a living, the car’s inside would have canine scent. Thus, the use of car air freshener is a huge suggestion for such thing.

In the past, we would usually see a Christmas tree hanging by the car’s rear view mirror. This little dangling token is more than accessory used to decorate the car for it is also serves as a scented air freshener. However, such air fresheners are no longer common today. Nowadays, car interiors are able to have freshening scents thanks to the dedicated car air freshener diffuser installed in the dashboard of the car. With this little device, the entire interior of the car will be able to have a freshening scent. With the help of the car’s ventilation, the fragrance is then evenly distributed inside the car. The scent would then be smelled by anyone inside the car be it at the front or the backside of the car.

Unlike the old car fresheners where one has to hang them on the dash board or open a can of car freshener, the car freshener dispensers used today are different. When it comes to dispensers, the scents used come as cartridges. Since the scents are in cartridge form, they can be replaced easily with a new or a different one. Usually, these cartridge scents may last for months, however, it will always depend on its use. Furthermore, cartridges differ in terms of cost as well as scents.


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