Jan 02

Agitating Parking Problems Faced in All the Major Cities

Providing adequate parking space to their residents is a challenge experienced by most of the major cities. Though people lead a sophisticated life in major cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington, they do suffer from the dreaded parking problems. These individuals can never escape from the laborious and time-consuming task of looking for a convenient spot to park the vehicle.

Be it in garages or on the open street, people have always had to fight for a spot to park the vehicle. To add to the agony people have to pay in order to park the vehicle on the street during weekdays. Finding a place to park your vehicle is not only frustrating but also the cause for unwanted stress. People usually narrate a list of problems faced when they try parking their vehicle. A few of which are space restriction, distance, heavy prizing, not knowing where to park, unable to park and so making use of a spot that is illegal, vehicle being towed because individual mistook a spot for legal area, rude staff and also difficulty in getting a permit.

It is the sole responsibility of any city to ensure that its population is provided with convenient parking that is also affordable. It is usually this act of people searching for the right spot to park their vehicle that creates much of the city traffic. This indicates that providing space for parking will erase a lot of problems faced. There are many ways of providing more space for parking. A few of them are discussed below.

Improving facilities

Parking space or supply can easily be improved by means of the government of private concerns initiating the creation of more facilities. It is true that the mentioned facilities are not easy or cheap to build and maintain. However the rates to use and park your car in such a facility needs to be justified as per the consumer. Only if the cost is reasonable an individual will want to park his/her car in the facility provided. Since creating more facilities will definitely add to the cost as well as limit building spaces that was previously available, officials will need to plan in order to balance out housing needs as well as parking needs. It is also mandatory for the businesses as well as officials to meticulously weigh and ensure the usage of the facilities to its full capacity.

Improving street parking facilities

Supply of parking facility can also be increased by making use of street parking. Designing streets incorporating lanes for parking is an efficient way of increasing space. If resigning from scratch is not a possibility then the government can convert a few traffic lanes into parking lanes. Government can also consider minimizing restrictions on parking on the streets. Parking concerns can easily be lowered by efficient street parking as it is visible, less expensive and a convenient mode of parking. Though adding more parking lanes on the streets has its own advantages, having few traffic lanes may lead to heavy traffic which is a disadvantage. Officials of important cities that already face traffic issues need to come up with of alternative means of striking a balance between traffic and parking.


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