Jun 12

An Introduction To Car Wrapping

Personalising your car is not a new concept, it has been around for years- for years people have pimped up their ride by adding body kits, custom spray jobs and private registration plates- in fact the good old slogan bumper sticker could be considered a form of personalisation. What, however, has prevented it from becoming a widespread trend is the presumption that it is costly, a car for many people is an incredibly expensive purchase- why fork out 1000 for a paint job that you will probably want to change in several years time anyway?

Several factors have led to the increasing desire to personalise ones car; firstly television shows such as Pimp My Ride offer an insight into extreme car modification with many participants driving away with the custom spray job, six in car plasma screens and an in-car coffee maker- the works. Secondly; car manufacturers such as Mini and Fiat are now giving buyers the choose the finishings to your car, allowing you to add and remove features such as checked roofing, racers stripes, and chrome detailing producing a car unique to the models displayed in the showroom.

Of course if you dont fancy purchasing a new car altogether there are several options that are cheaper and non permanent- giving you the chance to remove whatever personal touch you choose to inflict on the poor vehicle before you sell it on. I am of course speaking about vehicle wraps. Car wraps, traditionally used for commercial livery, is now readily available for use on personal vehicles. Its works by digitally printing your chosen image or design onto highly conformable films which are then carefully applied to the car, they can then be removed at a later date revealing your paintwork still in its original pristine condition. Obviously this technique is still widely used for commercial vehicles, and I predict that their popularity with personal car users is set to increase; ranging from small vinyl graphic designs to completely transforming your Fiesta into a pink palace on four wheels car wrapping really is the future of car personalisation and vehicle graphics.


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