Mar 31

Car Alarm Systems All You Need to Know

Being a key asset, your car needs proper maintenance as well as security. Security is of utmost concern for your vehicle as car stealing often leads to big losses. The first thing that comes into mind is, which car alarm system should I have in my car? Well, it depends on the type of vehicle and certain other associated factors like what do you need to protect? Is it just about your car or you also wish to safeguard items inside the car? Do you park your car in the garage or on the streets?

A basic alarm is for someone who parks his car either in the garage or in a safe parking area. A basic alarm will be triggered when someone tries to open the car door or there is a sudden impact on the vehicle.

Advanced alarms are for those who need additional sensors that can be customized as per their needs. These type of alarms are required if you’ve a working van or you generally park your car on the streets or other public parking areas where there might be a risk of break-ins.

Various car protection points that can full-proof your vehicle’s security are:

– Flashing indicators
– Siren & Back-up Battery
– Flashing Dashboard Light
– Remote Control Radio Key
– Sunroof Protection
– Doors & Body Protection
– Glass Protection
– Bonnet Protection
– Central Locking Hook-Up
– Ultrasonic Interior Movement Detector
– Boot Protection
– Deterrent Warning Sticker

Add-ons that you can have for your car:

Radar Sensors: These sensors cover the whole vehicle by emitting a field that forms an outer boundary for your vehicle. When someone gets close to the vehicle, the alarm will starts triggering a series of beeps or chirps.

Glass Break Sensors: These sensors generally detect high-pitching frequencies such as glass breaking.

Motion or Jacking Sensors: These sensors trigger when a car is jacked up to steal its wheels.

Shock Sensors: These sensors are used to protect the bed of the vehicle as they detect any impact on the bed.

Piezo Siren: These sirens are also called pain generators. They are installed in the interior of your vehicle.

Battery Backup: These provide power to the alarms even when a thief tries to cuts off the vehicle’s battery cable.

So get your car protected and invest in a good car alarm system right away. Choose one that will cater to all your needs and also provide complete security for your vehicle.


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