Sep 07

Car Cleaning – Top 10 Tips

Regular cleaning is very important for proper maintenance, durability and good performance of the car. Car Cleaning requires a blend of technicalities and good products. Knowing the best products and methods to apply for Car Cleaning can help you to carry out the Cleaning process in an efficient way.

Top 10 Tips for Car Cleaning:
* Use a Carburetor Choke Cleaner for good automotive performance. A good Carburetor Choke Cleaner cleans the carburetor and enhances the performance of the car. Premium Loozen Carburetor Choke Cleaner is made with active ingredients and is one of the best Carburetor Choke Cleaners available in the market.

* Use Engine Degreasers to clean the engine and prevent grease & dirt accumulation. Loozen Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser cleans grease, oil and dirt deeply.

* Use of Dashboard Polish restores the shine of the dashboard and cleanses dirt, grit & scrapes from the surface. Glint Car Dashboard Polish Spray and Super Shine Car Dashboard Polish Spray are highly efficient Dashboard Polish Sprays. They are easy to apply and have long lasting effects.

* Tyre Polish increases the life of tyres. You can go for Car Dashboard & Tyre Polish Spray easily available in the market.

* Car Waxing is another cleaning process that protects the Car from damages caused due to excess heating or exposure to dirt. Carnauba Wax, made with active ingredients, gives a sparkling shine to cars.

* Use a good quality Contact Cleaner Spray for cleaning the interiors.

* Use good Air Fresheners to freshen up the inside of the Car.

* Insect Killers are also compulsory for the inside of the car. If you have any problem of flying insects inside your car, use Flee Insect Killer Spray. To get rid of all sorts of insects, the best product is ZAP Flying & Crawling Insect Killer.

* Lubricate the machinery of your car. Loozen Penetrating Oil, available in the markets, displaces moisture, protects and lubricates the machinery of cars.

* Always get your car polished before getting it waxed. Otherwise, all the dirt & grit gets concealed with the wax damaging the surface internally.

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