Sep 14

Car Headlight Kits What You Know About Them

It is a universal truth to get to know more about the things you are dealing with to make full use of them. This is what we calling Maximum the Benefits. If you are considering buying new Car Headlight Kits for your SUV, you the better get to know more about them at the first place. If you are stilling trying to get the Halogen Car Headlight Kits, then you are really out of date. Yep, it is true that it costs you less if you are buying Halogen Car Headlamp kits at the moment when paying. But, you should know that Halogen bulbs are out of date! It is time for HID Xenon Car Headlight Conversion Kits! This new technology saves you lot money in the long time. Here are the three basic reasons to choose new HID Xenon Car Headlight Kits instead of Halogen Car Headlamps.

[1] The brightness of car headlights ensures the drives to see farther and better at night. What defines the brightness of the lights? It is the “Lumen” and “K”! The abbreviation for the temperature unit Kelvin. The higher the lumens are, the better visibility is available. Standard halogen auto headlights can provide 700-1000 lumens on average, while HID Xenon bulbs give 2800-3200 lumens on average, which is 3x more lumens, which means three times as much light!

[2] However, it is not stating that the high K means better visibility. A 3000k HID headlight is the lowest scale available. It emits a yellow beam. 4300k scale produces pure white. 6000k gives off a light blue hue. 8000k emits deep blue. And 12000k produces bright purple. For the halogen lamps, the color temperature is about 3000K, while the HID Xenon can provide more than 4300K headlamp. Some can even be 12000k. Now, there is a disadvantage with the HID headlight kits of unique colors. The higher the Kelvin, the lower is the output brightness. Hence, the 12000k scale is not a bright as the 4300k or 8000k. And, 12000k is ideal if you are looking for a certain color light. However, if you want a balance between brightness and color, the recommended scale is between 4300k and 6000k.

[3] For electrical consumption, the HID Xenon headlight kits are less. That is 35w, while 55w for the Halogen bulbs. This is a way to conduct energy saving mission, which puts less strain on electrical system of the vehicle. Often, the HID uses Xenon, like the H7 HID kits. Other advantages of HID headlights are longer headlight life, and power efficient. HID headlight kits last twice as longer as do halogen. These kits also require less energy from your engine.

The plug-and-play HID headlight kits on NearbyExpress.com are waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. So, do not be left behind, and convert your headlight. It is for your safety as well.

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