Mar 28

Car Insurance Calculator – Obtain Instant Insurance Quotes

Car insurance policy is of two types- third party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Third party car insurance is for protection against third party liability only. A comprehensive on the other hand is a complete umbrella cover. It not only protects against third party liability but also its coverage includes damage or theft of vehicle. In India, car insurance is mandatory. A person can go for either third party car insurance or comprehensive car insurance as per his preference. Car insurance premium is very less for third party car insurance because of low coverage.

Most of the general insurance companies offer car insurance. However the premium and coverage varies from one insurer to another. Some insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage but also charge higher premium while other insurance companies offer low coverage and low premium. However most insurance plans have the option to customize them. One can keep reducing coverage and the premium amount will fall accordingly. For example- if you buy a new car, you could go with standard policy or standard policy plus zero depreciation cover. But the premium amount will be substantially more for the car insurance policy with zero depreciation cover.

Most general insurance companies have their own set of parameters through which they calculate insurance premium. If you are looking to buy car insurance for your new car or want to renew car insurance, you should try to use car insurance calculator. You can go online for car insurance calculator, search with car insurance calculator India and compare premium amount. A car insurance premium calculator will show you the premiums offered by different general insurance companies. A car insurance premium calculator will apart from premium amount also show any additional coverage or bonus if available.

You can find car insurance calculator India on many websites. These websites which offer comparison of car insurance premium and other similar comparison are called aggregators. From them, you can get instant quotes from all general insurance companies and even purchase car insurance online. The benefit of using these websites is that you get the premium quotes from all general insurance companies and you can make the best decision yourself instead of being blind sighted by one insurer or another. However if you still have a preferred insurance company, you can visit it online, get instant quotes and make the payment. However in that case, you may end up paying more.


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