Jun 24

Choose Laserline Car Alarm To Protect Your Car

Laserline car alarms offer great protection options for cars and all of your other vehicles. Auto theft statistics continue to grow, and vehicle owners owe it to themselves to best protect their investments. With the wide variety of options and add-on features, Laserline car alarms just might be the system of choice for your needs!

Laserline car alarms provide systems that work with all types of vehicles. Additionally, Laserline offers fantastic accessories like central locking systems, electric window controls, and cell phone hands-free kits to fully incorporate your vehicle’s safety. And Laserline car alarms are designed to provide top quality protection at very reasonable prices. The Laserline car alarm systems can be customized to any vehicle and any budget to find just the right solution for you.

Door switches sensors for vehicle doors, hoods and trunks remain very commonly selected car alarm options, but Laserline car alarms offer higher tech security options in addition to these traditional modes. Things like interior sensors that can activate the alarm if other switches are disabled can help to detect motion and prevent car theft proactively.

Parking Systems Help Every Day

On top of the fine security measures offered by Laserline car alarms, additional products such as our parking systems offer a different type of protection for your vehicle. Parallel parking can be difficult to master, and offers a potential collision opportunity every time you weave in and out of the space. The Laserline car alarm parking system alerts you when you are too close to the other cars or the curb, to avoid wrecking. This Laserline system offers a true advantage over blind spots. Anyone can parallel park and back up with confidence with the aid of Laserline’s unique parking alarm feature.

The Primary Purpose is Protection

Even though the parking alarm is a great benefit, the the true beauty of a Laserline car alarm system is the automotive protection. Even if you are lucky enough to be in an area with great police response and high recovery percentages for stolen vehicles, the primary concern to keep your car safe is to stop the theft from happening in the first place. This is a real priority for Laserline car alarms with its full product line of protective options to keep your vehicle in your posession at all times.

Sensors in Laserline car alarms can tell when glass is broken, detect vehicle tilting and even jacking up (to steal expensive tires and wheels). Bump sensors alert you to incidental and intentional collisions that trigger the alarm and could be connected to a robbery attempt. There’s truly something for everyone in the Laserline car alarms product line. If you care about keeping your car safe, Laserline is the right choice for you! Don’t you owe it to yourself to check out the options today?


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