Apr 25

Donate Your Car to Be a Part of the Noble Cause

Today, large numbers of people are coming forward to help the poor and needy people and offer them food, shelter, clothes and more. Through their valuable gesture they are helping the children, old and needy people have a respectable life and get all the basic amenities. But there are also good numbers of people who want to contribute towards the betterment of poor and needy people but they do not want to part with their money. They think about their future and the future of their family at this time of inflation. This is the reason why they refrain from donating money or buy items for the poor people. But now, they too can be a part of the noble cause through auto donation.

Where car donation is concerned, it does not require spending money or take any form of hassle. Instead the process of donation is extremely simple. You just need to contact the organization whom you want to donate your car. For searching the organization, you can easily make the use of internet and conveniently search from the confines of your home. Following are few points that will help you to choose the right organization.

First, check whether the organization is government recognized or not. If the organization is not recognized by the government, then it is best that your ignore it and search for non-profit organizations that are licensed by the government.

Now, explore the motives or goals of the organization. Some organization distribute love song CDs to sick children, others offer free rides to the old people, whereas some give food and other items to the poor people. The one which you feel most attached to can be chosen.

Before you contact the organization, check whether the NGO accepts any model and make of the car or have special requirements. Some organizations only accept cars of particular models. Thus, instead of wasting your time you can ignore such organizations and switch to other ones.

When you have selected the NGO whom you want to donate your car, you can call or mail them citing your wish to donate car. They will contact you and discuss the details of your car and the time when they can visit to pick up your donated car.

When you hand over all the documents related to your car purchase and your car to the representative of the organization, you will receive a receipt of auto donation that will help in getting lucrative tax deductions!


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