Jun 26

Engine Installation Kit – Kohler Engine & Vanguard Engine

Do you want to be in the league of small engine vehicle owners, who make the costly mistake of replacing their entire machine simply because they believe it is beyond repair?

There are better options than complete overhaul; one could go for replacement of only the defected part rather than the whole machine. What many small engine owners don’t realize is that You can use our repower engine replacement kits are easy to use, cost effective, and can get your old mower or motorcycle running like new again.

We offer popular repower options in the form of replacement kits for your favorite Small Engine equipment such as lawnmowers, golf carts, Trucksters and Greensmowers. Where the key kit components provided include everything that you need to install the replacement engine including complete instructions.

The options available for small engine replacement kit are mentioned below: –

If you have a Honda small engine a repower solution is available.
If you have a Kohler engine, a repower solution is available.
If you have a Cushman Trucksters, a repower solution is available.
If you have a Cushman Haulster, a repower solution is available.
If you have a Briggs & Stratton engine, a repower solution is available.
And many more

Each repower kit comes equipped with a brand new, emissions-certified engine, installation parts and detailed, easy to follow instructions. Each engineered repower engine replacement kit features bolt-in replacement. There is no need for welding, moreover users will reap the benefits of advanced technologies such as: –

1.Overhead Valves
2.Full Pressure Lubrication
3.Hydraulic Valve Lifters

One of the biggest benefits of using our Repower Specialists Services for all your repowering needs is our commitment to quality. We never sell repowered engines without a brand name, our services carry only the best from Kohler, Briggs and Stratton (Briggs Vanguard), Honda and Kawasaki. Our products are backed up with a two-year manufacturer warranty that covers parts and labor. Can you get a more economic and worthwhile solution than this.

If you are interested to know more about Engine Installation Kit, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.


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