Apr 20

Getting the Highest Rates for Your Old Car

Many car owners may get a little hesitant at the thought of selling their older cars. This is because cars more than 10 year old are usually sold at a fraction of what they cost back in the day. Some may just stick with their beat up old vehicle to avoid spending money on a new one, risking their and their family’s safety. Well lucky for you, you may actually be able to get a better than average price for your old car. No, we’re not talking about selling them as scrap metal; rather, you could sell an old car as is at various outlets! Let’s have a look at some of them.

Places to Avoid

– Chop Shops
Surprised? While most people may think selling a car part by part can get them the highest amount of money, that isn’t really the case. The problem is simple; the entirety of the car isn’t utilized. Most chop shops will only accept parts that are in a rust-free, better than average condition. Since your car is already quite old, it’s safe to say you won’t be getting much selling it part by part. Besides the monetary considerations, part selling is a huge hassle, and the cost of placing individual ads could probably match the amount you’ll be getting for the car itself!

– Trade-in Dealerships
You probably knew about this one. Trade-in dealerships and deals offer the lowest value for a used older car, simply because there is no negotiating in such deals. If you are looking to replace your old car with a new one, it would be better to get a quote for the latter by calling 888-729-2274 and selling it individually.

Not to Avoid

– Private buyers
Yeah, private buyers will probably pay you the highest rate for your old car, especially if it’s a collector’s item. The problem comes in locating these buyers, as internet and newspaper advertisements are a risk themselves.

– Used car dealerships (specialized)
And finally, you can get a fair amount for your old car by selling it to a specialized used car dealership that deals exclusively in used older cars. This is because these dealerships can see the potential profit they’ll be making of an old car, and are more willing to purchase it than anyone else on the list. If you are good at negotiating, you could land yourself a pretty sweet deal!


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