Nov 30

How To Choose Best Car Navigation System And Install Quality Car Alarm And Car Stereo

A new car with features and sleek looks not only guarantees envious looks from onlookers but also attracts attention from people who are involved in car lifting. Most of these modern day cars come up with an advanced car alarm system which informs the owner about any misdeed or attempt done over to steal the car.

Not only the technology has advanced but also car lifters have gathered superior techniques to fool the car alarm system. Companies that are running fleets of car or provide services using such vehicle are always facing such danger. Advanced car alarm systems which include sophisticated finger print technology and other features are now available in the market.

Most of these cars come with car alarms, remote car starter and kill starter to prevent theft of cars. These systems have been found faulty most of the times and have proved to be non deterrent for auto thieves who can easily break away such alarm systems. One has to now look forward for using new and developed car alarm system to tackle such cases.
Remote car starter which works on signals can easily be tackled by thieves using code grabbers. Same is the fate of kill starters which can be made dysfunctional once one gets access to such device by opening the car hood.

Does this mean that we have no such feature to deter auto theft? No, new age car alarms that can face off such challenges offer fingerprint scanning , anti car jacking and host of other features. These devices are easy to install and offer hassle free security for your car. Finger print scanner used in such car alarms authenticate the car user after checking against series of parameters.

If car alarms provide safety while the car is parked, car navigation system provides safety while driving. These navigation systems come with preprogrammed detailed maps of different areas and can provide direction from one location to another. Some of them can be programmed for journey and tours and can act as a navigator. These navigational system feeds on the data from an active GPS installed in these system. Not only this they also act as guide as they can locate nearest bars, hotels, petrol pumps, fire brigade, ambulance and other basic amenities in a new place.

After taking care of the basic needs of the car one needs to just get relaxed in the car while moving out for long journey and drives. A basic car stereo offers loads of entertainment quotient as one can tune into favorite local radio station or just pop in a CD/DVD of their choice. Some of the car stereo installation are now offering features to connect new age MP3 players and Smart phone.


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