Apr 30

How To Decorate A Car

The car decoration is not just meant for special occasions like a wedding, but also to keep both inside and outside up to date, with the help of newest accessories. There are plenty of car accessories sold in the market, such as graphics and elegant wheels that help your car look great in an instant. Moreover there are soft toys, stuffed animals and incredible adornments. Here are some simple tips on decorating your car.

Adorning Ideas For Your Car

Smart Wheels

Decorate the rolling tires of your car by fitting them with jazzy wheels. Select the wheels whose size is just right for the tires. Take care to see that wheels dont become loose. Opt for a stylish design like chrome plated or alloy for the wheels


Decorate the outside of your car with a stylish graphic design. Either stickers or fit graphics can be used. The stickers can be fixed at various places outside your car like the hood, rear bumper and close to the door handles. Car graphic kits can be purchased from the shops.

Plastic Toys

Plastic toys are ideal to decorate your cars dashboard. Place 2-3 little toys on the dashboard. Use a two-sided tape or a sticky spray, if you dont want to keep the plastic toys permanently. If you want to keep the toys permanently, long-lasting gum is best for the purpose. Put some drops of the gum at the base of the toys. It will fasten them to the dash for a long time.

Distinct Seat Covers

You can alter the current seat covers and give a totally new look to the insides of the car. There are plenty of hues, prints and patterns of seat covers available. When selecting the hue and pattern for your car covers, ensure they blend well with the insides. Try to create a harmony between the color layout of the cabin when the instruments are present within it. So it is better to avoid bright colors or patterns for the seat covers, since they can overpower other elements inside the cabin.

Multicolored Decorations

Vivid ornaments, dangling from the rearview mirror, make the car immediately attractive. There are plenty of options to select from for rearview mirror decorations. Choose from small pom-poms, wind chimes, soft toys etc.


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