Sep 12

How To Remove Stains From Car Mats

Buying a car can be termed as an eventful incident in a person’s life. Whether a person owns one car or more than one, he develops an emotional attachment with the vehicle. Decorating the interiors with car accessories to make the drive comfortable and to give your car a personalised touch is one of the ways in which a person displays his emotional attachment for the vehicle. Whether there is a single scratch on the body of the car or even a small stain on the car mats, it perturbs the owner immensely.

Car mats are one accessory that experiences the maximum wear and tear. People sit in cars with their muddy and dirty shoes, and if you ride with children, they are sure to drop milk and other eatables on the mats, staining your stylish mats in the process. Filthy and dirty car mats can ruin the entire chic and sophisticated look of your car, but it is also not possible to frequently buy new ones, because they can burn a big hole in your pocket.

The best way to keep your car mats clean and free of stains to maintain the look of your car is to treat them immediately while the stain is fresh. It is advisable to remove the mat from the car while cleaning it, because it is much easier to tackle it. Try to scrape or blot away any residue of the substance. It is always better to use a gentle soap solution with water to clean the car mats. Using hard detergents can either ruin the colour or the texture of the mats.

For oil based and greasy stains like those of shoe polish, crayons, etc. it is advisable to use a solvent cleaner. In case soap solutions and solvent cleaner are unable to clean the car mats, then use a carpet cleaning machine and shampoo the mats. Make sure to dry up the mats thoroughly before putting them back in the vehicle. It is left damp then the car mats may develop mould or mildew. For really tough and difficult stains, taking professional help is the best way out.


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