Apr 17

Importance Of Water Reclaim System In Car Wash Industry

No matter who we are, where we are, or what we do, we all are dependent on water. We need it to stay healthy, we need it for growing our food, for irrigation, transportation, and industry. Water is needed for animals, plants, and a plethora of other essential things. However, despite the great significance of water in our lives, we are increasingly disrespectful about it. We abuse water resources. We waste them and pollute them, conveniently forgetting the vital role played by depleting water resources for our very survival! It is for this reason the necessity of a water reclaim system has arisen.

It is estimated that if current water usage trends continue, in the next 20 years or so, two-thirds of the world’s population wouldn’t have enough clean water. Amongst several industries using large quantities of water, the car wash industry usually tops the list. Commercial car washes require an average of 45 gallons of water per car. So, it is all the more important for the car wash industries to use waste water recycling equipment for efficient conservation of water.

Unlike household waste water that enters sewers or septic systems, and undergoes treatment before being discharged into the environment, what runs off from your car goes directly into the storm drains, and eventually into rivers, streams, creeks, and wetlands. So, in order to save the ecosystem, installing a water reclaim system is indispensable for car wash companies. Treating water through an efficient water reclaim system will not only save the environment from getting polluted, but also conserve water to a great extent.

By implementing a waste water reclaim system, car wash businesses will not only save money, but also highlight the fact that they are more environment sensitive. Most car wash industries today generate a huge amount of waste water, and it is important they take responsibility for it by minimizing it, recycling it or eliminating it. Waste water treatment systems, for instance reverse osmosis wastewater treatment, are vital to the environment and our continual existence and growth. So, it is high time car wash companies installed an efficient water recycling system for a cleaner and safer environment.

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