Mar 29

Japanese Used Car Dealers In Japan Dealing Business With South Africa

Used cars from Japan have become a rage among South African customers for their superior quality and technology. Yes, equipped with high standard maintenance and replete with extraordinary Japanese technology, these cars are more in demand than even brand new cars. This has given rise to a market that seems to be growing in leaps and bounds the Japanese used car market, which is changing the global auto economy for the better.
However as they say, all good things also come with negative side effects; this phenomenon of growing popularity of Japanese used cars have given rise to a number of Japanese car exporters in Japan exporting to South Africa. And unfortunately some of them are bogus, and you may end up spending lots of money on a car that is not even worth the price. While the advent of online shopping things may become more convenient, but at the same time complicated, for there are increased risks involved in the entire purchasing process nowadays.
But do not worry, in this article I would offer you some tried and tested tips that have proved very helpful in zooming on the best Japanese car exporters in Japan dealing with many customers in South Africa. Follow them if you want to land your hands on your dream Japanese used car.

Approved Member ofExport Associations: Make sure that your used car exporter is an approved member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association (JUMVEA). This ensures the credibility of the exporting firm. Make sure to check if it is cited in the company’s website. It is to be mentioned here that JUMVEA is the only export association approved by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan.

Get Acquainted with Japan Trade Laws:Being a citizen/resident of South Africa, you may not be aware about the laws that govern trade and commerce in Japan. Hence, get to know them from a reliable source. You can trust the Japanese embassy in your country for the same.

Get Company Registration Details/Tohon:This relates to the first two points mentioned. Make sure that the Japanese car exporter in Japan is registered with the concerned authority that regulates used car import and export in Japan. Check if it has the required document, known as Tohon in Japanese language. You can get it checked from the embassy of Japan in South Africa.

Get Details of Delivery Options etc: Also make a checklist of the company that ships the used cars, talk to previous buyers you might know, check company’s physical address, years of existence, details about expenditures (to avoid hidden expenses) and ask an acquaintance in Japan to check the authenticity of the company.

Though this is not an exhaustive list of tips, yet if you follow even these, you can never go wrong! Try them while getting the best deals from authentic Car Exporters Japan dealing with South Africa. I wish you best of luck with your dream Japanese used car purchase!


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