Oct 15

Make Your Car Express Your Personality By Bmw M5 Car Dvd

There is an English saying goes like this THE PEOPLE IS WHAT SHE/HE WEAR. But now, as the development of the economy and automobile industry. Many people have one car that exclusive to them. But now, this traditional saying has been transferred to the Car. It is the people is what the car it drives. So, to equip your car with good functional Car DVD Player seems quite important, even if you drive a BMW X5 E53. You also need Car DVD Navigation System.
So, what is BMW M5 Car DVD Playe? Many people will ask such question.
OK, lets take a look at the detailed specifications of BMW X5 E53 DVD/Car Navigation System from professional Car DVD Player online Store www.autocarplaza.com
This Car DVD is specially designed for BMW X5 E53 series Cars. Perfect fitting and anti shock.

Do you think it is dangerous for one to uphold one cell phone and answer calls when driving? Yes, of course. Its forbidden by laws too. So, when you equipped your car with BMW X5 E53 DVD Player, you can connect your cell phone with the DVD Player by its bluetooth. Free your hands when answer calls on driving.
What we say it’s cool for you when you BMW X5 E53 car is equipped with such DVD Car Player. The BMW M5 Car DVD is with one panle of 7inch high definition digital screen with resolution of 800*480. You can even control it by its remote control.
When purchase a media player, many people will pay much attention to the file formats it support. They will not buy things that have limits on file format. But for BMW X5 E53 DVD, besides MP4, DVD, etc common format files, it also supports DIVX, VCD, SVCD, CD, MP3, CD-R-RW, etc video and audio format.
Here comes the essential toolGPS. The BMW M5 Car DVD is with built-in GPS Navigation system. Supporting Multi-languages like English, German, French, Spanish, etc. Besides this, you can enjoy music while driving or film/ video when relax on your car by its GPS Dual Zone function. Whats more, it has good maps compatibility. You can upgrade or download Igo 8, Route 66, Gate5, Papago maps. Very convinient for you to use.
So, how about listen radio on your car on the way you go, while you are tired of the musics you uploaded to the Car DVD Playe? Dont worry, BMW X5 E53 DVD has such good function. It is with Built-in high sensitive FM/AM tuner, FM/AM auto search, Frequency Display, Up to 30 stations (AM 12/FM 18) and Tone and sensitivity adjustment.
If your BMW X5 E53 Car with such a Car DVD Player for Navigation, can you imagin how others will envy you?

OK, don’t hasitate, this fabulous Car DVD Navigation System is from professional online Car DVD Store If you like, come and visit.


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