Mar 30

Nissan Navara Engine Stronger And Suitable For Sedan To Drive A Long Distance

Nissan Navara Engine: Stronger And Suitable For Sedan To Drive A Long Distance

The Nissan Navara is a pickup truck which came from the generation of D22 and D40 series of the Nissan Company (Nissan). Before the Nissan Navara, this model is known as the Nissan Frontier in the market of South America and Philippines in 1998. According to the model of D22 series, the frontier was firstly introduced in 1997 as Nissan Hard body truck which was four cylinder engine, in order to four stroke gasoline piston engine but it got the popularity for using the V6 engine and 3.3L engine in 1999. The most important point is that the frontier was also known as the Nissan Navara which was modified by the initial condensed pickup named as Frontier crew cab. It had four door body styles and also a heavy duty version of full size trucks used as marketable vehicles in North America and also it was aggressed in Asia as well as Europe.

The D22 Frontier was built in Japan in 1997 through 2000 as a single cab, king cab, crew cab engine in the midst of petrol and diesel 5sp instruction manual program. A particular product of this corporation was published as wilderness sprinter which had a king cab stand engine that means 4*4frame was available in this model which was gave us improve in traverse stature, big tires and four speed 2 door drive train. The company used V6 type engine. Other engines were 2.4L I4 and 3.3L V6 VG33E, 2.4L KA24DE I4, 2.5L TD25 DIESEL, 2.7L TD27TDTi I4 DIESEL, 2.7L TD27TDETi I4 DIESEL, 2.7L TD273 I4 DIESEL, 3.0L ZD30DDT I4 DIESEL, 3.2L QD323 I4 DIESEL used for this truck.

According to the D40 series the Navara was introduced a compressed and innovative model of car which was more midsized based on the Nissan F alpha stage and peripheral body styling full size Nissan titan truck. This truck had totally boxed hierarchy structure which was the 3.20m with 5.22 over all a wheel base truck. A 4.0L VQ Family V6 type engine is used which power consumption capacity was 198kw with 385Nm torque.

The different categories engine based on this model were 4.0L VQ40 DE V6 engine with 265hp, 2.5L QR25 DE I4 engine with 154 horse power, 2.5L YD25 DD Ti mid power common rail engine and 3.0L V9X V6 TURBO DIESSEL engine which power consumption ability is 175kw. The Navara facelift was another new comer model of the navara company. Which usage engine is 3.0L V6 TURBO V9X engine and the power consumption capability is 175kw at 2500rpm.


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