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Types Of Auto And Car Lifts

Auto lifts are found in most urban cities. Mechanics use them to raise vehicles access from underneath. In the past, most automotive lifts were of the in-ground type. These days, the majority of garages use surface-mounted lifts, which are bolted to the floor and utilize a hydraulic pump or a screw-type drive powered by an electric motor.
Here are the different types, available from garage equipment supply dealers:
In Ground Automotive Lifts
This type of vehicle lift is assembled below the garage floor. It consists of one or more pistons, depending on its maximum weight capacity. Lifts with one or two pistons are used to raise compact, mid-sized and full-sized cars. Lifts with three or more pistons are used for larger vehicles, such as buses and RV’s.
Two-Post Surface Mounted Vehicle Lifts
The most common vehicle lift utilized today is called the “Two Post Surface-Mounted Lift.” On each column, there are lift arms. These are controlled mechanically, electronically or hydraulically.
Multi-Post Runway
The most common type of Multi-Post Runway lift is the four-post mounted lift, which is extensively used by oil change, transmission, and muffler service shops. Youll find this type of lift in wheel alignment service stations as well. The car is driven onto the two runways and raised, exposing its underside.
Low/Mid Rise Frame Engaging
This type of car lift engages the vehicles frame while lifting. There are two ways this type may operate. One way is scissor-style, moving straight up. Another is parallelogram-style, moving forward or backward, while raising or lowering. This type is commonly used for brake, wheel, and tire services, as well as auto body repair.
Drive-On Parallelogram Automotive Lift
The Drive-On Parallelogram Lift is a surface-mounted vehicle lift. It has two runways where

Oct 05

Bmw 320d Diesel Most Powerful Engine

BMW 320d Diesel Most Powerful Engine

Obviously when it comes to Automobile best manufacturers The Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) tops the list. The BMW 320d Diesel Engine is a top performing engine among the different diesel engine versions of the same capacity made by other Automobile Makers. BMW has exclusively designed this fuel efficient and possessing huge power engine to let its customers enjoy the ride and have trust in exuberant engine the life line of their car. Hence BMW 320d Engine is remarkable one made by the BMW. The engine by itself of top quality among its peers but is exceptional one when compared be other manufacturers of cars around the world.

BMW is the leading brand in automobile sector has exquisite value among the car buyers its vehicles pass the both in house and industry rigorous quality standards. BMW 320d Diesel engine is compact designed and core qualities of robustness with bonded power lies in the internal architecture of the engine. While on the road BMW 320d performs best in driving, applying brakes, sudden turning, quietness of the engine, fuel economy, quick start and engine which reaches a top speed of 62 mph from absolute 0. This is quite a stunning performance of this unique engine.

The exterior of BMW 320d car is very awfully great which grabs the users to buy this as their natural reflux. The passengers can enjoy the smart facilities inside the car. BMW 320d Edition emphasize on cost-effectiveness and dynamics with an average fuel consumption of 4.1 liters, with emission figures of only 128 grams of CO2 per kilometre for automatic and manual transmission. BMW 320d and has the common features of a fully aluminium crankcase, a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and the latest generation of common-rail direct injection.

An optimized shift

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Car Lease In Sydney – How To Get The Best Deal

Since you are reading this, I am going to suppose that you are looking into the lease options for your next new car instead of buying options. A new car lease may be a better option for you but it is a little that you should observe very carefully, since you may end up in a much bad position.

When most people are looking for a new car, one of the options that they think about is whether or not a car lease would be more beneficial and cost effective for them than purchasing the car. There are many schools of thought about this and many differing opinions, but what it comes down to is that there is no right or wrong answer that applies to everyone, because everyone’s situation and needs are different.

A new car lease is almost surely going to have lower monthly payments that a buy, compared with the same amount of money out of wallet at the time of signing. You can get a better deal on a car lease for less than a couple thousand out of wallet. The monthly payment is going to be calculated by what the expected resale value of the car will be at the end of the lease. So a car with poor resale value is going to have higher monthly payments than a car with a better average resale value.

But on the down side, you are still answerable for the preservation of your leased car gas, tires, oil changes, insurance, tune-ups, and all the other things that normally accompany car ownership.

You should definitely do your research as far as what leasing programs are available, what they exclude and include, and most of all, what is it going to charge you. One of the factors

Oct 04

Used car or a new car

Are you looking to buy a car, I am sure there must be several things going in your mind at the moment. One of the biggest question is which car you really want to buy. Once you are sure which car you actually want to invest in the second most important thing is how would you finance the car. If you are lucky and have ready payment and are able to make a 100 % down payment then this may not be too much of a hassle , while on the other hand if you are looking to finance your car then there are several things which needs to be sorted. Financing a car needs loads of paperwork and preparing and planning.

Finance is often a major obstacle which comes in the way of many prospective buyers. Many are not able to obtain financing and therefore have to settle for a cheaper version or also a used car. Frankly if you are also in this situation then do not lose heart as buying a used car is also a good option. There are many dealers who deal in the sale and purchase of used cars and you would be surprised to see their inventory and shocked to see the performance of a used car. It’s definitely no less than a brand new car.

If you happen to be in New York then regard yourself lucky as now you can sit back and relax as Rochester car dealers will provide you with the best possible deal. Rochester Used cars have a very large inventory of used car , and you will surely be able to buy your dream car that too with your limited finance. All you have to do is call them or visit them and let them

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Buy Certified Used Car Instead Of New One

Its been said that certified used vehicles are a bit third option when deciding between buying a new car or a used one. Certified Pre Owned cars are used vehicles which pass through a inspection & it meet a certain set of standards in a Pre Owned Program set by the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer has its own version of a pre owned program. Most include vehicles that are within the seven years and less than 100,000 miles on them. Pre owned used cars used to be for cars and trucks, but other types of vehicles such as boats and motorcycles, starting to come around to create your own version of the programs used cars.

For now, let’s stick to cars and trucks. The common denominator between each producer programs is that they are strictly controlled and carefully restored to new condition. They come with an extended warranty, and often come with a roadside assistance program. In essence, they offer many advantages to buying a new car, but the price of used cars.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for the purchase of a new car is the peace of mind that comes with it. It’s good to know that the car is covered by a bumper to bumper warranty and if something were to happen when you’re traveling, you are supported by a roadside assistance program.

Many people make the switch to Pre Owned cars due to incredible savings as compared to buying new car, while at the same time maintaining the psychological of use car that is associated with the purchase of a new car.

If you decide to try a used car and you will be surprised to discover that just feels like a new car. Not only because it has been restored, but because it is

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Car Leasing, Vat & Capital Allowances – The Uk June 2010 Budget Effects

What is the impact on Car Leasing of the June 2010 Budget?

The two main changes that will have an impact on leasing costs are the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20% from 4th January 2011, and the change in Capital Allowances. Also, Company Car Tax and Car Fuel Tax have upcoming changes.

Firstly, lets consider the VAT issue

When a business is leasing a vehicle, it can recover 50% of the VAT on the finance element of the contract (100% on the Maintenance element). A company purchasing cars cannot claim back any of the VAT on the purchase if there is an element of private use, so any increase in VAT makes it more attractive for a business to lease a car or van than it is for them to purchase the vehicle. The car leasing vs buying question has just become easier to resolve!

Contract Hire remains a very attractive method of vehicle acquisition for businesses. The reason that leasing companies can offer low rentals is because they can recover the VAT on the purchase of a vehicle, and account for VAT on disposal as well.

Changes in Capital Allowances make Car Leasing more appealing

The change in Capital Allowances means that companies purchasing vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 160g/km can only write down the cost at 18%, as opposed to 20% before the Budget. The figure for vehicles with CO2 emissions over 160g/km is 8%, down from 10% previously. These reduced writing down allowances should make car leasing even more attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Changes in Company Car Benefit In Kind Tax

There are many benefits of leasing a car for businesses and private individuals. However, as a company car driver, you are liable for Company Car Tax, otherwise known as Benefit In

Oct 02

Used Car Sales With Motor Finance Wizard – Car Sales

Used Car Sales With MFW

Motor Finance Wizard specializes in used car sales and is currently operating in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria offering an extensive range of used cars to suit your needs. Not only does MFW focus on car sales, but they also specialise in providing motor vehicle finance solutions for people who may have found it difficult to obtain car financing. Motor Finance Wizard opened its first dealership in 2001 and has since sold and leased more than 19,000 vehicles to date, making us one of the nations largest used car dealerships in Australia. Motor Finance Wizard has used car dealerships and offer the best used car sales available in the Queensland, Victoria, and NSW area. MFW has thrived while other used car dealerships have struggled due in large part to their customer service and ability to get almost anyone in a used car of their choice. Their mission is to provide all Australians with the opportunity to own a motor vehicle, regardless of their financial situation.

Motor Vehicle Finance Through MFW

Motor Finance Wizard will assist those in need of used cars and have bad credit history in finding the vehicle they need. MFW operates used car dealerships that specialise in providing motor vehicle finance solutions on MFW used cars to customers who do not meet the strict lending criteria of mainstream lenders. This model allows customers to acquire car financing and a quality used cars from the same point of sale location.

Traditionally in Australia the sale of a motor vehicle has been a separate transaction to the car financing, involving two different parties; the car dealership and an independent finance company. MFW, through its in-house finance provider KWIK Finance, provides motor vehicle finance for customers exclusively to MFW used car dealerships for the

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Modify Your Car In Reasonable Prices

Having a stylish, luxurious and modified car is always been in the fashion and its a style statement too. Most of the young drivers are fad for modified cars. Whether they have a new car or a used car it doesnt matter to the owner and to the designer, because after modification you will get a totally different car. In most of the metropolitan cities especially in Mumbai and Delhi the trend of modified car is n high demand for the past few years. You can re paint your car with different shades and you can make several kinds of design over it such as Scorpio and dragons as these kinds of designs are most popular in Japan and they often use these design in tattoos also.

Then after this you can attach several other things also such as in your bonnets you can attach its skirts also. It gives your car much better look and the length of the car also seems to be increased. You can modify your car in two ways one is modify its exterior parts and second modify its interior parts. In its interior parts you have more options such as for exterior modification you have several accessories, music systems, movies displays, then stylish steering etc. Most of the young drivers who cannot afford new cars but they are crazy to drive stylish car often modify their cars. Its a passion for youngsters.

In metropolitan cities you can get such designers easily. But in other remote areas it is almost impossible. So if you are intending to modify your car just go ahead and find out a modifier and get your car designed in a totally new style. But before hiring a modifier always confirm the cargoes because at times professional modifiers who

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Points Why Invidividuals Give Bad Car Salesman A Miss And Go For Car Leasing

In the UK, you will pop along to the local car dealer or shop online if you need a new car. We don’t normally think about car and leasing. Instead we dish out on loans and find ourselves in debt. Most people in the UK really aren’t aware of the benefits of the car for leasing. The car leasing option is very popular on the other hand, in the US. So why do people go for the car lease model? The following explains why people opt tof car lease.

Your payments are fixed monthly for starters with the car for leasing option. Once you have paid a deposit, that’s it. You will know exactly how much to put aside monthly.

You should get a new car every three years. You don’t have a car that’s depreciated in value because of the miles on the clock and its age. You can exchange and get yourself a brand new car at no extra cost!

Like with van leasing, car leasing is good for avoiding depreciation costs. How many times have you bought a new car, only to find a few years down the line, even when in good condition, it is worth a fraction of the purchase price. Leased cars give fixed costs. Imagine owing money to a loan company, and the loan doesn’t cover the value of the car!

Flexibility in life is paramount. You really need to cover the remainder of the loan when you sell a car. Worse still, you may find you are caught in the loan long term, paying monthly for a car you no longer own. Car leasing companies will give you the option of different lease terms, giving better flexibility to give the car back at the end of the term if you need to.

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Where To Shop For Car Parts In Delhi

Delhi, which is one of the fastest growing city in the world, witnessing expansion and growth in almost every of its aspect. The real estate prices of the city have skyrocketed, the population is almost getting multiplied and huge changes are taking place in the infrastructure of the city. However, among all of them, it is the growth in number of vehicles that has surprised everyone. In this city, the number of vehicles is almost equivalent to the number of people residing in this city. Vehicles, being a lifeline of this fast expanding city, the local administration and government too spend a considerable amount of money on developing and restructuring infrastructure for them. This is the reason; one can see numerous flyovers, broad and well maintained roads in the city. Although, possessing vehicle, in this city, helps in moving around this city. But, many a times, broken cars makes their owner clueless, worried and confused. Many of these owners, who do not have much idea about the city, do not have any idea about those locations from where they can shop for car parts in Delhi. In this article we are going to discuss about some of those locations where one can get all types of auto parts in Delhi. These locations are as follows:-

Karol Bag: – This commercial neighborhood located in central Delhi is quite famous for its shopping streets. This place where the affluent people of the city frequently comes for shopping, also houses a full fledged automobile market, where one can both get old vehicles and auto parts of almost every manufactured automobile. Whatever be the auto parts in Delhi requirement, there are very less chances that they would not be met at this place. Apart from the shops offering Car spare parts in Delhi,

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