Feb 18

Things To Check When Buying A Used Car

The business of second hand cars is booming in India. And car dealers are making lot of money from this business. If you want to buy a car in reasonable price than follow a few tips otherwise the car dealers will make you fool. Here goes the pointer:

First: The first parameter to select a used car is the year of registration. Two-tothree year old car is good enough to buy but if the car if more older than two three years then you have to look after several other aspects also such as the cost of the car because if you are buying an old model it means you will not pay a high price for the car. Latest models have good resale value. But the old model doesnt have.

Second: Check its odometer reading but dont rely on that, because nowadays local car dealers have found several ways of odometer tampering. Whether it is mechanical odometer or electronic mechanics knows how to change its reading. So always check the meter reading and try to analyze it with the year of manufacturing of car. If you found it genuine then trust but still dont make it criteria of buying a used car. It is just a way to reject a car if you found any flaws in it.

Third: Take its test ride and check its engine first. If it is good and it is not making any unnecessary sounds and it is giving a smooth start to the car then there is no objection in buying that car. Engine is the main thing that gives a long life to the vehicle. What kind of technology have been used in the engine ask all these questions.

Fourth: Always check the future of the company. Will you get its part after a few years? What is the future prospect of the company? If you easily get its service centre and you are sure that you can maintain it easily for the next five years then there is no problem in buying that car.

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