May 27

Understanding How Used Car Dealers Work

Used car dealers operate in a different manner to new car showrooms, as they do not operate under a third party operation. This means that they are free to decide on the price of the sale, which makes prices more negotiable than one may think. Sometimes used car dealers purchase cars as a part exchange deal, from wholesalers and auctions, and in such cases they get the cars for relatively low prices. This means that there may be a lot of room for negotiation in the resale price.

It is important to conduct thorough research on the relative value of the particular used car that one is interested in purchasing, so that an informed decision on a fair price can be made. Because used car dealers do not receive manufacturers bonuses for quantity sales, they need to make as much profit from each individual sale as possible, and that is why one may have to drive a hard bargain to get the necessary deal. For the best results, it is always a good idea to visit used car dealers in a quiet time during the week, not on a busy weekend or evening. This will increase the chance of being able to broker a good deal as there may not be many other potential sales at that time.

One of the key benefits from purchasing from used car dealers is that they should be able to offer some form of guarantee or after sales care. This should be discussed as part of the deal, and adds a lot of value and security to the purchase in comparison to buying from a private seller where there are no guarantees that the car will still be running well a couple of weeks after the transaction has been completed. Six months is usually the longest period of mechanical warranty offered, as this is more than adequate to ensure that any problems that may have been present when the car was purchased can be fixed.

It is important to determine the reputation of the used car dealership that one is looking to purchase from. There are two basic models of dealer, and one does not want to purchase from the wrong one. Most are extremely reliable and helpful, and will try to sell high quality cars and gain a great local reputation. A certain number however, try to work solely on the basis of numbers, and do not care greatly for aftercare or reputation. If they are unwilling to provide a warranty, and the prices seem unusually low, it is always best to be cautious.


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