Sep 06

Understanding Your Car’s Basic Parts And Functions

You car is a complicated machine that is composed of a number of systems working all at the same time. Modern technology has made car systems more complex as it utilizes computerized systems which are not easy to understand. However, all cars, old and new have basic car parts and functions. Knowing how these basic parts function is necessary to detect and repair simple car troubles. Furthermore, knowing the basics of car parts and repair will allow you to become a more responsible car owner and driver.

1. Engine. All cars are powered by a motor engine. The internal combustion engine which works on gasoline is what most cars use today. The combustion chamber compress the gas and air which are triggered through a spark. The combustion produces a powerful stroke which when rapidly repeated turns on the car’s engine. Car engines are categorized by the number of cylinders they have. Each cylinder has a combustion chamber. The power of a car is based on several factors including engine size, combustion rate and transmission.

2.Drive Line. It consists of components that give movement to the wheels. The engine is connected to the drive shaft which may be work manually or automatically. The transmission makes it possible for the car to use the metal gears and make the speed of the engine correspond with the power requirement of the car which depends on the the weight of the car, road surface and vehicle speed.

3.Electrical System. The electrical system of a car makes use of a rechargeable battery which also gets power from the engine. The battery cell is composed of electrolytes which are made up of distilled water and sulfuric acid. The interaction of the electrolytes and the battery plates creates the chemical energy which produces the electric power. The battery is considered as one of the major parts of a vehicle because it provides the initial power to start the engine, fuel pump and starter. Your vehicle’s radio, headlights, turn signals and other safety sensors draw their energy from the battery.

4.It is crucial for any type of vehicle to have perfectly functioning brakes. The most commonly used types of brakes are. The disc brakes make use of a revolving disc which slows down the movement of the wheel by the force applied on the brake pads unto the brake disc with calipers. Meanwhile, drum brakes seizes the movement of the car through the resulting friction of the pads forced against the brake drums.


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