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Vw Golf Gti Engine The Arrangement Of Assorted Types Of Engine Of Vw Golf Gti Car

VW Golf Gti Engine: The Arrangement of Assorted Types of Engine of VW Golf Gti car

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen produced a small family car named the Volkswagen golf in 1974. This has worldwide six generations coupe. All generation coupes are available in the market. And various body design car like- Volkswagen rabbit (Mk1 and Mk2) and Volkswagen carbine (Mk1) are also available in the market. Primarily the most fabrication of this company was the 3 door hatchback techniques. And they had also 5 door hatchback, estate/ wagon, convertible and golf derived not ch back saloon-sedan models. Sometimes this type of model is called Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Vento or Volkswagen Bora.

Different types of car and models of Volkswagen company are- Golf MK1/Rabbit (A1-Typ 17), VW Golf Gti, Golf MK2 (A2-Type 19E), Golf MK3 (A3-Typ 1H), Golf MK4 (A4-Typ 1J), Golf MK5 (A5-Typ 1K), Golf MK6 (A6-Type 5K).

The expectation of performance of the Golf Gti coupe made fulfill. It is a 5-door hatchback model car.The Golf Gti coupe is used 2.0litre TSI turbo charged engine and complete electronic inequality protection device XDS propose unrivaled dexterity and spirit while its iconic honeycomb frame, twin tear chrome tailpipes and typical alloy wheels improve its obviously fashionable sportiness. 2.0litre TSI turbo charged engine means four- cylinder petrol engine. The cubic capacity of this engine is 2.0/1984 (liters/cm3), the maximum output of this engine is 155kw to 210kw at 5300-6200 rpm, the maximum torque is 280 N-m at 1700-5200 rpm and the gearbox is 6-speed direct shift gearbox (DSG).

The fuel tank capacity of this engine is 55 liters. Other specifications of this engine are- Fuel consumption in the urban area is 10 liter per 100km and in the extra urban area is 5.9 liter per 100km. CO2 emission combined is 173g per km and fuel grade is premium unleaded (minimum 95 RON). Above all data are collected by the measuring method predetermined and these specifications did not referred to a meticulous vehicle but can be compression between the various types of vehicles.

Quantities of engines are used in different models of Volkswagen Golf Gti coupe. The engines are- Volkswagen Golf Gti 1.8T (California) engine, Volkswagen Golf Gti 2.0 FSI engine, Volkswagen Golf Gti Pirelli engine, Volkswagen Golf Gti VI engine, VW Golf II Gti, VW Golf W12, VW Golf 8V, VW Golf 1.8 Mk2, VW Golf Gti Vr6, VW Golf Gti Vr6 V6, VW Golf Gti 16 Valve engine etc.


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