Jun 06

Why Scrap My Car

When the time comes there is absolutley no point hesitating on the simple fact that when its time for your car to go its time for your automobile to go.
If you have tried to bring your car back its past glory but even after several attempts you rapidly realise that its just not going to happen then it is now a good idea to scrap your automobile.

The second hand vehicle market is a pretty large one and if you are lucky enough you’ll be able to sell it off to someone making a tidy profit.
There are some vehicles though that simply do not sell even after several attempts.
This is when a lot of people resign themselves to the reality that the vehicle won’t sell for any significant amount of money and what usually happens is that the automobile will wind up placed on the front of the house.
Now at this point theres generally a few different alternatives for what you can do with your automobile although if you want to try and get that elusive profit from your scrap car then the time has come to scrap it.

There is specific rules and regulations associated with the scrapping of a car and this is mainly to guarantee the legal and environmentally friendly destruction of such automobiles. This is all in position to protect the public and the environment so when you go to scrap your car be sure to make sure the scrap car dealer is authorized by the environment agency.

Once you have found a respected scrap car dealer you will have the choice to either take the vehicle to them or have the automobile collected. If you opt for the second option then the vehicle will be taken away by a recovery truck and the applicable paperwork will need to be done so that the deal is recorded with the DVLA.
You could also be issued with a certificate of destruction to confirm the fact that the car will be scrapped and the metal recycled.

When the car has been picked up and you have been paid the vehicle will be recovered to the scrap yard.
When it has arrived at the scrap yard it will then go through the procedure of depolution in which all the fluids will be drained off and all other polutants will be eliminated from the scrap automobile to ready it for the recycling process.
After this has been carried out the car will be smashed into a cube and compressed where it will go on to the next part of the procedure.


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