Feb 03

Why The After Market Car Stereo System Is Better Than The Stock Stereo

The cars are all made with a stock stereo system, they usually come out with a CD player or a radio. Why The stock car stereo system is usually not as good as after market ones?

It just depends on the manufacturer and what they look at to making a good car. We all know most car makers could cut their cost of the audio system. But even so, many high end cars that are suppose to have good systems, dont really sound that great. Car makers are building a car, not a stereo system. You get what you pay for, even the best stock system cannot rival you making one yourself. Some of the cheaper cars put those cheap systems in to keep cost down. The better systems are an upgrade that can be added on from the factory but when you want a cheap car.

So thats the reason many people would like to replace the stock car stereo system with after market ones. Whats are the advantages of after market stereo?

Its Car DVD Player
The aftermarket car head unit usually is a DVD player, but stock ones usually come with a radio or a CD player. The Compatible Format of the DVD player include DIVX5.0/DVD/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG, even MP4, so your passengers can enjoy the trip by watching movies, but not only listen to music or radio.

LCD Touch Screen:
Touch screen of DVD can help the users control the playing process smoothly and conveniently. It will much facilitate the driving. It can also help driver less distracted. Thats why most buyers look out for this function while purchasing DVD players. Usually, it doesnt expensive to buy a DVD player with the touch screen feature.

Ipod or Bluetooth integration.
As the iPod and mobile phone are our necessarily equipment we carry everyday, it would be much better if the Car DVD support such additional function. Especially for the safety consideration, Bluetooth can help you receive and dial calls hands freely. It plays an important part of preventing you from dangers condition. You can concentrate on driving even receiving calls.

Steel wheeling control
Some cars with steering wheel controls for advance track, volume and such it there a adapter out there that lets you keep at feature on a after market stereo. So some car stereo can also enables your easy operation when driving.

So you can totally upgrade your car stereo system to a better after market one as long as you like. It will brings you much more fun and better entertainment during driving process.


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