Aug 22

Why Volkswagen Jetta Is Considered The Boring Car

The Volkswagen Jetta is the most boring car as described by the famous Top Gear star, Jeremy Clarkson. The car is majorly aimed at small executive market. What is in it that makes it so lifeless and lets overview some of its key strengths.

The car is built with quality and is quite evident at the first glance. The smooth curves, well designed rear LED lights and the chrome grill gives it a quality look. It can be attractive for some car enthusiasts. Also, it has got highest safety ratings for crash tests.

The seats are comfortable. The large cargo capacity makes it suitable for families. The coach is easy to clean with cool blue lights for display. However, the interior does not include leather and hence gives the car a very plain look from inside. Some of the fittings as well have a slightly plastic feel. The 30GB hard drive and 20GB digital music storage somehow add to the interior special features.

The Jetta is not that bad when it comes to practicality. It can very comfortably seat five individuals. The boot is quite huge, and should easily accommodate a month’s worth of supermarket shopping. But some buyers have expressed concern over the lack of access to the boot.

The Volkswagen TDI has a sharp handling and is quite quick at the corners. The only concern would be that it might not act fast at high speeds. There are six engine options available with the Jetta, the 1.6 FSI 115PS, the 1.9 TDI 105PS, the 2.0 FSI 150PS, the 2.0 TDI 140PS, the 2.0 FSI 150PS and the 2.0T FSI 200PS.

Overall, the Jetta might not be an interesting buy for many car lovers but it still is successful in attracting lower executive class and it is mainly aimed at families. So, if you are looking for a simple car for you day to day chores, Jetta definitely would make a good purchase.


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