Mar 31

Why You Should Not Drive, Your Car Equipped With Compact Spare Tire, With The Highest Speed Possible

When you drive, you will probably get a flat tire at some point. That problem is very common for all the drivers and there is nothing to worry about as long as they know how to change the flat tire. However, most of the car manufacturers equip the cars they produce with smaller spare tires, which have limited mileage. Those tires are used to save some space in the trunk of the car and also they are a lot lighter than the other models.

When you take a look at those compact spare tires, you will notice that there are some stickers that show that you should not drive your car with more than 80 kilometers per hour and also you should not drive with those tires for more than 50 kilometers. The reason for that is simple “” all the cars today are not created to work with tires, which have different sizes and when you use your compact spare tire, 50 kilometers is maximum distance that you should drive on and get your car in safe location, where you can get your flat tire fixed.

When you exceed the limits that are set on the compact spare tire, there are many mechanical problems that are likely to occur. One of the first things that will happen is major dysfunction and damage of your drive train. Remember that this part is very important for the overall performance of your car and once it is damaged, driving will become dangerous. Furthermore, the fact that the compact spare tire is a lot smaller than the others, can cause a lot of handling and steering issues, which on the other hand can cause you to loose control over your car. Sometimes, even the brakes can fail when you try to stop and also if you manage to stop, the braking distance will increase.

Once you equip your car with your compact spare tire, you should drive directly to the repair shop and get the flat tire repaired. If you are not near the city where you live, you can easily find different mechanic, who can get that problem fixed in no time. If you do not think that it is safe to drive, you can always call the local authorities for assistance. There are many people, who get retreaded car tires as spare ones and they eliminate the problems that can be caused by the compact spare tire.


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